Things I Can't Travel Without

Our editors reveal all…





Daniel Scheffler


Who’s who Daniel-San, Special Projects Editor


Current location The Great U. S. of A, at this very moment. Thinking about doing a Golden Girls puzzle on Whidbey Island.


Place I visit most Anywhere friends are around, isn’t on some HOT list, and where I can just laugh and feast


Favorite Destination I don’t play favorites


Dream Vacation Three months in Japan learning the language with my husband. No itinerary.


My suitcase is always Carry on only. Ever. As long as there is no branding on it. Samsonite, hand’s down the best (inexpensive yet sturdy)











Hario grinder, a V60 and beans from a third wave coffee shop


I trust the Japanese in so many design avenues, and this one in particular I become warm and fuzzy about their simple yet effective composition. The travel sizes of everything are handy, and you can leave out that extra sweater and rather just ensure you always have decent coffee. Here’s the secret to finding good coffee pretty much anywhere, type in the city or town’s name and “pour over coffee” – whomever does that probably has spectacular beans, they care about preparation so they’ll care about beans.



Books from McNally Jackson


My little reprieve in this crazy city we call New York. McNally Jackson always has a selection that will thrill me, enthrall me and dazzle me. What to read this week? Who cares. I’ll buy a bag full, and just read them all. The staff selections are usually a good direction.



Daniel Scheffler 3

Diptyque fragrances


The whole point of a gorgeous smell is not to smell like cologne. The worst thing you can do is buy any cologne or perfume that is sold in airport stores. They reek and come off as cheap you fool. Diptyque has it all right: smells from forests, the deepest oceans, your grandmother’s handbag, a stranger’s neck, or the Agatha Christie Orient Express.



Jade windscreen, Wellness Formula and Oregano oil pills


You can get your local Chinese doctor to point you into the right direction with Jade windscreen. But easiest is to order this immunity support from DAO Labs in their easy sachet. Buy Wellness Formula plus Oregano oil from Amazon. If billions of people have used this for centuries and survived before gross Purell and the useless Emergen-C, then you’ll understand how totally laughable these products are. Use the herbs and use them often.

Daniel Scheffler 2For any occasion Prada leather shoes, all black Birkenstocks for leisure and Camper sneakers for anytime walking


Need I say more. Don’t wait for a sale, buy when the most beautiful shoe is calling you. &



daniel scheffler 4

Mahjong travel set


Mazel tov, you’re an 80-year-old Jewish snowbird like us.



A kikoi from Kenya (see top image)


It’s a towel, a scarf, a picnic blanket, and sometimes something to wrap a wound or some shopping in. Or you can wear it around your waist around the house. I was born in Africa so I see it as a respectful homage.



Black clothes only


I like Mission Workshop pants, and a variety of the perfect t-shirts from Goodlife, Kotn and Jungmaven.



Beboe mints


The combination of CBD and THC is balanced and will get you through any travel disaster. Oh and that long haul flight, it’s not a problem.