As the world starts to reopen more than it closes down, here are the top cruise destinations



With the onset of the COVID-19 Delta variant, people are patiently waiting for the world to return to normal. However, while waiting, you can think about booking a cruise. Travel restrictions are lightening up as more people are becoming vaccinated. So now is the perfect time to look into cruises for the next year, many of which are already selling out, and the best destinations.





The Caribbean


The Caribbean is among the most popular cruise ship destinations for most people, internationally. With sunny weather all year around and many sumptous beaches, you can visit any time of year and enjoy paradise, although summer is really hot.


Royal Caribbean Cruises have multiple packages to choose from. However, before traveling, make sure you review the Royal Caribbean cruise alcohol policy.  There’s probably no more important policy in the whole world to be fully aware of. I mean, we accept that may be a slight WONDERLUST Editors bias…


Most cruise ship packages are all-inclusive. Most. Always check what is and isn’t included.



The Mediterranean


Has Europe been on your list of places to visit but didn’t know where to start? Are you seriously that clueless? Of course you’re not!  But it may be a good idea to take a cruise around the Mediterranean. You’ll visit Italy, France, Spain, Greece and so much more (there are 22 countries in the Mediterranean, we say showing off.)


Depending on the cruise package and company you choose, there’s a panopoly of options.





Alaska is one of the most popular, and dramatic and beautiful, cruise destinations. Why? It’s a scenic cruise along America’s “Last Frontier,” where you’ll see beautiful glaciers and icebergs and pristine coast glide by from the comfort of your cabin or on deck.


You’ll visit cities in that region, such as Skagway and Juneau, and even make a stop at Glacier Bay National Park.


And don’t worry. When we say “glaciers” and “icebergs”, you shouldn’t fear a Titanic ending. With today’s technologies there is just about zero point zero risk of running into one. Frankly, even with the Titanic‘s technology, they shouldn’t have…



Galapagos Islands


If you’re a nature lover, this is a great part of the world to visit by cruise ship. When you dock, you’ll be able to swim with sea lions and view giant tortoises that weigh over 500 pounds. The animals on these islands are specific to the area, so you won’t find them anywhere else. You’ll also be able to ride the Celebrity Flora, a mega-yacht designed to help travelers experience all the islands have to offer.