Nobody Died. Trump Takes Credit For Zero Aviation Deaths In 2017

Turns out, every time your plane doesn’t crash it’s thanks to Donald Trump! Hooray!

Have you gotten on a plane in the last year, and had it land safely at its destination? Duh! You’re reading this… So, dumb question, you landed safely! All hail the President! According to, um, him, he did that.




Trump’s tweet (above), ridiculously claiming 2017 was the safest year on record, when it’s a rare year when there are fatal commercial flights in the US, or that he had anything to do with the continuation of an immensely safe system, received the appropriate immediate backlash on Twitter as users pointed out that there have been zero commercial aviation deaths in the United States since 2009. (Which means….well done, Obama! All eight years of his Presidency he kept all the planes in the sky! On his own, with Magical Powers!)


And according to The Atlanticthe Trump administration didn’t effect any changes to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations in fiscal 2017. In fact, besides killing the sensible regulation to require airlines to disclose hidden fees for checked bags and seat assignments, among other routine services, the President’s only attempt at legislation within the airline industry was trying to privatize the air traffic control system. Mercifully, that idiotic idea was shut down by both Congressional parties in the early stages of discussions.



Vox Populi: I don’t think Ale is buying it.




Days after Trump’s tweet, current FAA head Michael Huerta — appointed in 2011 by Obama — confirmed his previously declared intention to step aside at the end of his term, and officially did so on Jan. 6.


Deputy administrator Daniel Elwell will take over until a permanent successor is confirmed. Nominating a full time Director will actually be Trump’s first action of any kind with the FAA. I mean, he can take credit for that all day long.