A new column, where we get people to empty their bag…

“I LOVE to travel,” says Vero Bero, who is the owner of The Bodhi Tree Crystal Shops, a chain of metaphysical shops found in Shopping Malls throughout Florida.  She is also a Leader in the Sacred Living Movement and teaches Sacred Crystals, which is both an online course and live retreats all over the world. “I am all over Florida traveling between my different stores and with Sacred Living I am all over the world. This year alone I have been to Glastonbury, UK, Bali, Indonesia and I’ll be in Southern California in June and Santorini, Greece in August,” she tells us. For Vero, work is pleasure. (And we truly want to steal every single thing in her carry-on!)



Vero Bero 2




Favorite carry-on bag


I carry on a huge Nicole Miller shoulder bag that matches my suitcase (I like things pretty!) and I put only the essentials in it so it is really floppy.  It fits anywhere (and I can throw my handbag in it if I need to) and if I find treasures in my travels, which I always do, I can fill it up and even check it home if necessary, as I learned in Bali when I tried to bring home the entire market.



vero bero 1



Jewelry (if you carry on the plane with you)


I am the metal detector’s worst nightmare!  I am covered in crystals, always. The one piece I always wear or have in my pocket is an orgonite pendant by Orgoniam (and yes, I sell them – I believe in them!). This piece helps protect me from all of the EMFs and Radiation that come with air travel, especially those long flights!



Hair product


I always have The Wet Brush in my bag.  I have super long hair and 10+ hours on a plane sleeping in an uncomfortable upright position can muss a girl up!  Wet or dry, this brush gets you through — THANK YOU INVENTOR OF THE WET BRUSH!





I always have Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer in Caramel in my bag.  It’s a natural shade for my skin tone and it gives my lips both hydration and a hydrated look after spending too much time in recirculated air.



Book you’re currently reading:


I am rereading Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim.  I’m always looking for ways to expand my business into uncharted territory and leave the haters and imitators behind.





Of course, it’s a crystal — two actually.   I wear a long chain with a Herkimer Diamond pendant by LQ Adornments and a Moldavite pendant from my shop.  This is the “high vibe” mega mix. In fact, I warn people not to drive with these when they first get them!  Together these stones help me with a state of bliss that not even 30 hours on an airplane can damp down.


Additionally, I always carry an aquamarine crystal — in my bra, LOL. It is beautiful, and super special to me.  It is the stone for emotional healing and helping people is kinda my jam SO my aquamarine helps me to always be open to help others. I never know who I am going to meet in my travels, or why I “happen” to cross their path.



vero bero 2





Always, always, always I have a journal.  Many of my ideas, products, retreat outlines, all start as scribble in a notebook.  I’m old school like that. My favorite new find is the Elfinbook. It is an eco-friendly notebook that is completely erasable and reusable. I just save the important doodles to their app.



Electronic devices/tablet/electronic reading device/phone


I am an Apple girl through and through.  I have the iPhone X, the watch, the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil — all the things!  And I love it because EVERYTHING flows together. I get home, I open my iMac, and every photo and every doodle is right there.  I’m a busy woman and I need my electronics to be easy.



vero bero 3



Any vintage items that are special to you and only you?


Always an oracle deck.  I often bring the I Am Deck by Loren Lahav. Pulling a card is a simple little meditation for the day, not to mention an ice breaker at parties. You pull them out and everyone wants you to pick one for them.  Instant conversation. Instant friendships.



Water bottle


For road trips I do have a favorite water bottle — Flaska.  It’s glass and it’s scientifically designed based on the research of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, Flaska is a programmed bottle using TPS water structuring tech.  I’m drinking water anyway, I might as well drink water programmed with love, peace and all those blissed out high vibrations!





I always travel with Ginger Chews. Right now I have Chimes in my bag.  Ginger is known to calm the stomach — BIG PLUS, because no one wants to be nauseous on a plane, and it is a sweet treat that I find actually can calm a craving when you have maxed out your snacks.





Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn, because it’s the best.  It has “smart” in the label and I can eat A LOT and not feel guilty because it’s popcorn. However, I also pack napkins because cheesy fingers are inevitable. Nothin’ pretty about cheesy fingers!



Hat/clothing item


I wear a hat if I am meeting a Traveling Sistar from the Sacred Living Movement at an airport and we haven’t met in person before; it’s an identifier.  And some countries have dress codes, so check that before you go. I recently flew through Doha International in Qatar, a very progressive country in the Middle East.  If you look on their website it talks about dress code and how some things that are “appropriate” in the US are not allowed there. Side Boob show offs – talkin’ to you! 





I have a bottle of white willow bark, and sometimes even an ibuprofen.   There is nothing worse than a headache that won’t quit.  You can drink all the water they give you and ask for more but airplanes are dehydration stations and it is better to be prepared than in pain.



Anything specific to you that helps you get through the travel process?


Everywhere I go I look for the magic moments: a customs officer wearing gemstone jewelry strikes up a beautiful, albeit quick, conversation; a taxi driver telling me about his beautiful wife and nine incredible and unique children — his why.  Life is all about collecting magic moments and when you start looking for those, the getting through it is easy.



Anything else you truly can’t travel without?


Yes. I always have an Anker charging brick and an international phone plan.  Full batteries mean you are never stuck anywhere and help is always only a phone call away.