Homemade Cornbread with Angry Honey


I have been close friends with Brian Hourihan, my co-founder of Angry Honey, since we attended Norwood High School some ten or so years ago. We started the company, informally, in the fall of 2016, while discussing issues affecting the bee population (die-offs, neonicotoids, etc.). We slipped onto a fairly farcical tangent imagining the type of honey that aggressive wasps and hornets might produce, if they made honey (they don’t).


We both agreed it would be “angry” and then quickly decided that, in this context, angry meant “spicy” and we set to work. After months of trial and error, a patient supportive group of friends and family that sampled numerous varieties, and a hundred odd pounds of different pepper varieties we landed on a recipe. We began producing as a small business in January 2018.


We figured if we could introduce a new variant to such a wonderful natural product the applications would be almost endless. Adding the natural spice of Habanero peppers to the smooth sweetness of honey opens up a world of culinary possibilities. The habanero oil we created imparts a flavor that is spicy but not overpowering.


We donate 5% of our total profits to Bee conservation efforts. Without sustained research into the factors underlying bee die off (i.e. colony collapse disorder) we could be looking at a future where the thousands of crops that depend on bee pollination become rare, or simply unavailable.


We only use local, raw, unfiltered honey. This ensures that the pollen crystals remain intact and that the honey maintains its anti-allergen properties. Consuming raw local honey ensures that you are ingesting a small amount of local pollen, increasing your resistance to seasonal allergies. Honey is higher in fructose — sweeter — than pure sugar. Generally this means that smaller portions of honey are sweeter, and better for you, than larger portions of sugar. Honey also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties. And it doesn’t go bad.


angry honey






Grease a 9” sq. baking dish and preheat oven to 400 degrees.


3 eggs

3 T. sugar

1 t. salt

½ t. vanilla extract

1-3/4 cup whole milk

¼ cup of Angry Honey

2 cups yellow cornmeal

1 cup flour

2 t. baking powder

6 T. from stick of butter, melted and allowed to cool – but not to solidify


Beat eggs, sugar and salt until pale & thick. Whisk in vanilla, then milk, Angry Honey, cornmeal, flour and baking powder.  Add the melted butter gently. Pour into pan and bake for 20-25 minutes. Be careful not to overcook. Drizzle the tablespoon of Angry Honey over the top.  Enjoy!


Reach out to us at facebook.com/angryhoneymass/ and send us a message. We’ll ship directly to you. You can also find us on 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at the Needham, MA farmer’s market and the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at the Norwood, MA farmer’s market.