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Take a (Psychic) Hike: With Bianca Mazzola, the road less traveled really can make the difference



Instead of performing her readings in a shadowy room surrounded by candles and dark red velvet, psychic Bianca Mazzola welcomes the light of Hook Mountain in Rockland County, NY, where she and her guests walk the forested Haverstraw Trail, taking some of the side trails down to the banks of the Hudson River. “It’s magical,” Bianca says. “No matter who is with me, they  say they leave feeling connected. I feel like the Oracle in Greek mythology as I am probably my most aware and connected when there. Only I do not chew on a bay leaf or stand over a natural gas geyser like she did.”


A natural smoky quartz ravine runs alongside the Palisades Cliffs, past the quarry. Quartz is the stone said to assist in balancing and grounding the spirit. Over the years she’s gathered hundreds of crystals there. On your stroll, you might find an artist sitting amongst the wild berry patches, painting a bear bathing in a nearby stream. These woods are home to generations of bald and golden eagles, ospreys, hawks and falcons.


“Their calls sound like singing,” Bianca says. The trails can get busy with hikers on the weekends. “During the week, especially in the snow, you feel lost alone with just you and God. It’s amazing,” she tells us. “But for me the snow offers a white blanket that gently reflects the sun light that shines off the river and in between the bare, silent branches of the forest of trees that reach out to feel its warmth. ‘Special’ is only one word that could begin to offer energy that could share the magic, the history and majesty.”


I’d had a reading with her a few months back, thinking about making some changes, needing some advice. I’ve had a lot of readings—and I’ve written extensively about hauntings, ghosts and seers. I approach every one of these experiences with a healthy dose of skepticism. Sometimes that skepticism is completely justified.


My interest in Bianca stemmed specifically from her reputation of working with creatives. “I work with artists and artisans on their business plans and pricing and anything else they need like insight, healing, clarity…it’s a one stop shop,” she told me. In her past, she’s owned several successful businesses of her own, so it somehow all comes together.


So…business plans and healing?





You quickly learn that there are no spreadsheets or PowerPoints in Bianca’s business counseling. Bianca calls herself a “spiritual life strategist”. Even though she’s not a fan of the word “psychic”, Bianca knows she has a gift. “I see and hear however best will be communicated with grace and ease and efficiently,” she says, of how she receives her messages to her readers. Sometimes she uses prayers or guides. “Otherwise business as usual—and maybe a shot of tequila.”


For artists, who traditionally trade talent for business sense, she can help guide them through their potential career challenges by seeing the “alternative realities”.


Sign me up, I said.


The epic plague of all artists is attempting to align their creative passion with business. Sure, you could hire a business consultant, and they’ll draw up the same old hum drum plans, but how much better if you have a psychic to guide the way. Just the thought of business or—Lord, help us!—making money as an artist is often a painful paradox of struggle. For some, it comes naturally. For others, especially those who don’t have the option of spousal/familial/pennies-from-heaven support, they sometimes wobble in the purgatory of overworked, underpaid, and, at times, scrounging for hope.


Bianca Mazzola
Bianca Photo provided by Wonderlust

That’s where Bianca comes in. I’d been stuck from moving forward for some time. Recently, with my own interpretation, I put some of her suggestions from my initial reading into place. Bianca, in checking in on me, was pretty excited about it: “You do not want to spend the next 20 or so years stuck in the vortex of repeating the old patterns that this year was meant to shatter.” For all of us, not just me, breaking old patterns, learning through experience, is a cycle that started in 2009 and is now coming to a close. “You will be unbelievably amazed how the New Year starts off and keeps the pace of abundance of mental clarity, emotional stability, and prosperity with the touch of a finger.”


The first thing you notice about Bianca, if the tequila remark wasn’t a tip off, is that she’s a completely normal person. Her extraordinary abilities come forward straight away, and you’re reminded that a reading with her is no ordinary business consult. Immediately she had recommendations for an ongoing health issue, pinpointing the problem. “It’s like a pimple on my nose,” she says. “I know things.”


And she does. She knew about two potential businesses I’m trying to start, one stronger than the other. She described the potential business partner I’ve been looking for. She gave me a timeline. She essentially read my calendar and confirmed my timing was right. We didn’t talk about business plans. We talked about how to move forward. Bianca gave me the validation to do so.


Bianca believes that by helping people move forward to pursue their dreams she’s serving God. Her gift allows her to help people every day. When I ask her if her gift has ever scared her, she responds: “Yes, for what I was seeing…no, for the client or recipient scaring me, as I know I am protected and working with who God wants me to be with.”


Her abilities help her to tap into challenges, literally, on a whole other level. “Every client or being I connect with is in place with me for different challenges,” she says. “I can, with ease and efficient effectiveness, tap in. I am a natural channel, I can channel hierarchy beings, angel guides, the deceased; I can connect to the living and channel soul information, I can remote view and this includes past, present and future. I can automatic write, I can facilitate healings hands on and remote, I have ESP and the ability to manipulate energy in the accordance of God’s will to serve a highest good for all. I have in the past worked with other healers, police, doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, clergy—the list is long after 45 years. I started at 13 years old as an aspirant to a Shambhala Tibetan teacher, then became a disciple to a Master. I have continued my studying as well as teaching. I live a yogic life and have been a yoga practice instructor for eight years.” If you’re unable to travel for a reading, she does phone readings with frighteningly great accuracy.


Once you’ve had a reading with Bianca, you’re a part of her “tribe”. She’s open to follow-up questions, feedback and discussion. “There is just a sense of comfort and connection to someone who really is unconditional and seeks to serve the highest good,” she says. If you’d like a follow-up reading, you’ll have to wait three months.


“My hope is that I leave everyone with the tools and awareness they need to navigate and sustain success and happiness in all domains of life.” She gives everyone homework: readings, meditations, whatever is needed to help stay connected and open. She stays in touch with many of her clients from all around the world “through friendship and love.”


As a card-carrying member of Bianca’s tribe, I can attest life is brighter—and clearer—with her in it.



Contact Bianca Mazzola directly at or 201-913-6020.

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