The Island life is a million miles away from our usual routine, but, thankfully, not as far geographically…



When you picture the perfect vacation spot, there’s a strong probability that you picture a stunning island with gorgeous beaches, sea and scenery. An island vacation provides a charm and grandeur — and pace of life — unmatched by any other location. The crystal waters, old towns, and maybe jungle walks, and distinctive, unhurried cultural attractions are just a few of the things island vacationers love.





Caribbean Island Vacations


The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Known for its unique blue seas and gorgeous and reliable  tropical climate, the Caribbean holds a singular attraction. Popular islands include the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, the Dominican Republic, the Guadeloupe Islands, and, when you can get in, Cuba.


These islands also feature botanical garden trips and honeymoon getaways. Another popular but lesser known destination is Belize, whose east coast connects to the Caribbean Sea. Check out this location’s many Island Expeditions.



U.S. Virgin Islands Vacation


These islands are beautiful and have a host of benefits. For US citizens no passport is required since they are US territories and coming here is considered domestic travel. However, it’s a good idea to carry your passport if you have one, because you will need some form of proof of citizenship, so unless you, say, carry your birth certificate around (and that has to have a raised seal), you are in a Catch 22 situation.


You have several islands to choose from, each has its attractions and price ranges. For instance, St Thomas includes land attractions like the Pirates Treasure Museum or the Mountain Top, which features a unique view of the whole island. Of course, there are several seaside attractions as well, not least being the seaside. A weeklong Virgin Islands vacation usually costs, on average, very reasonably, about $2,264 for two peopleSince you were wondering.



Marco Island Vacation Rentals


For another US domestic trip, consider renting a place on Marco Island, Florida. This island has a score of attractions, including whale watching and sunset night cruises. And lying on the beach. There are a plethora of nature and wildlife tours that allow you to explore the unique environment of the area. The beaches include iconic Keewaydin Island or Tigertail Beach. Vacation rental properties on Marco Island have remained open throughout much of COVID and are offered in a range of budgets.