Help Wanted Flight Attendant for Top-Secret Airline

Classified Las Vegas-based airline looking to fill position to fly to Area 51

Most flight attendant job requirements are the same: brief passengers on what to do during an emergency, be able to handle rude and obnoxious passengers diplomatically, clean up the cabin, serve some refreshments and be strong enough to shove carry-ons into the overhead bins.


One airline that’s looking to hire a flight attendant is also looking for a candidate who can keep secrets. (What? Are kosher meals not actually kosher?)


The enigmatically named Janet, a top-secret airline the U.S. government does not acknowledge, is hiring. The job listing, which you won’t find on sites like Monster, Indeed or Glassdoor, was posted on AECOM, a defense contractor that reportedly operates Janet along with the Air Force.


The minimum requirements for this position include a high school diploma, comply with a company dress code, possess basic math knowledge, and the candidate must qualify for, and maintain, “a top secret government security clearance.”


This definitely doesn’t sound kosher.


Janet, which some suggest is an acronym for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal”, operates commuter flights out of McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, allegedly to some of the most heavily guarded government sites. Two years ago, when Janet was hiring a pilot, USA TODAY reported that the covert airline flies to military bases including “the restricted Tonopah Test Range, aircraft manufacturing site Plant 42 and a site at Groom Lake, Nevada”, presumed to be Area 51. (Unless they have another secret Air Force base/alien burial ground.)


We reached out to AECOM for comment, but have not heard back.


If you’re interested in applying, click here. If you’re hired, you must remember: What happens in the friendly (or unfriendly) skies, stays classified.