March 2019 Festivals

Sure, you could sit at home… But there’s a wild world out there!



March swung into festival season with dance processions, floats and balls at Rio Carnival in Brazil, Carnaval Porteño in Argentina, Mardi Gras in New Orleans among other celebrations. We’re glad you missed the Exploding Sledgehammer Celebration in San Juan de la Vega, Mexico, known as the world’s most dangerous festival. It was on Fat Tuesday, March 5th.



A dancer at Carnaval Porteño City of Buenos Aires/Flickr



For the balls and parades, get ready for next year. Fat Tuesday is before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar, a time for (relative) fasting, moderation if not abstinence, and reflecting, hence the no holds barred partying beforehand.


This is what’s happening the rest of March — it’s all about love, music, film, flour, color and art, and you can still catch Rio until March 9th.




Omed-omedan, The Kissing Ritual

Bali, Indonesia

March 8


A Balinese festival where boys are on one side of the street and girls on the other, and sorry you have to be 17-30, single and a local to join in. (But you could start one in your local community.)


The boys run towards the girls and kiss them while the locals pour water on them, supposedly to cool them off, it’s an old tradition and apparently a great way to find a date. There’s live music, food, crafts and a street bazaar, while you look on, not being 17-30, single or a local.




SXSW (cool speak for South by Southwest)

Austin, Texas,

March 8 – 17


An extremely fun festival to attend and groundbreaking if you’re an artist. It’s also not a bad time temperature-wise to visit Austin, where in mid-summer you turn into a liquid puddle. SXSW started as a music festival in 1987 growing each year, and now covers film, interactive, gaming and comedy festivals.


It’s a good vibe festival and easier to navigate on a bike as there is so much happening simultaneously. Everywhere.



SXSW Film Festival

March 8 – 16


Overlapping the more established music festival, a diverse selection of films and an amazing array of film panels and A-list speakers.



SXSW Music Festival

March 11 – 17



A member of Shame crowd surfs during the Bonfire Sessions Travis Lilley/SXSW



If you appreciate all kinds of live music just go!




The Galaxidi Flour War Carnival


March 11



They’re wearing flour in their hair… Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de la Palma/Wikimedia Commons



This marks the start of Lent where people go out into the streets of the old fishing town, and dance around throwing sacks of colored flour over each other to awaken their inner child.


Fly into Athens. Awaken your inner child.




SXM Festival

St Martin,The French West Indies

March 13 – 17



Honestly, there’s a festival going on here Photo provided by Wonderlust




A sexy four-day festival on the island of Saint Martin. Set for a great comeback this year after suffering 2017’s devastating hurricanes. There are International DJ’s and parties galore. And St Martin is always sexy and always fun so when they try to make it a good time, it’s doubly awesome.


The French side is a little more elegant than the Dutch, but, really, that’s splitting hairs as far as beaches (all gorgeous and tranquil) and the food all over the island, which is excellent, especially (biases showing) the local Island food, often served out of huts or on open barbecue grills.




St. Patrick’s Day

Ireland, and USA, and everywhere there’s an Irishman

March 17



A St. Paddy’s Day parade Juliancolton/Wikimedia Commons





You’re a grown up, you can have a drink when you want one. You don’t need an annual license.




HOLI Festival

Mumbai, Delhi and Nepal

March 21



We don’t think this will come out in the wash Steven Gerner/Flickr



This is a joyous festival where you get covered from head to toe in color as people pelt each other with vibrant powder balloons and colored water guns. It happens on the full moon day in the streets, parks and near temples. Wear old clothes.


Some people drink Bhang, a Hindi drink made from cannabis to get into a fun mood.




Ultra Music Festival – RESISTANCE

Miami, Florida

March 29 – 31



The time is right for electronic dancing in the street Anosoc1505/Wikimedia Commons



Ultra-Miami is the landmark festival for EDM (Electronic Dance Music and you’re welcome) shows.


Happening since 1999 and now spun off across the earth, from South Africa to South Korea, Ibiza, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, and China. To name a few.


Which goes for one of my personal beliefs. If in doubt – just dance!




Art Basel

Hong Kong

March 29 – 31


The famed international art fair that originated in Switzerland and has spread internationally, happening in Hong Kong since 2013 is a growing meeting of eclectic artists and galleries from around the world.


So if you’re not in a dancing frame of mind, make your way to the city of a thousand smells, Hong Kong where you’ll look as if you’re spectacularly landing in the bay before you touch down.



Check back here for more Festival news! Here’s what you missed in February.