Floating Sauna, Tasmania



It’s a long way to go for some hot steam! The town of Derby, located in northeast Tasmania, went from a booming tin mining town from the 1870s to the 1940s, to a ghost town, to being resurrected as a top destination for mountain biking in 2015. It’s now the home to a timber-lined sauna that floats on a pontoon on Lake Derby, locally known as Briseis Hole. The owner of the sauna is a bike enthusiast who wanted to introduce the concept of sauna and cold plunge therapy that’s so popular in Scandinavia to his fellow Tasmanians. The sauna’s conscientious design welcomes visitors to get changed in a translucent pavilion that silhouettes your body from the outside. The actual sauna room is a non-conforming one: there’s a window in it, a large one that lets you just stare out into the vast nothingness and tranquility. Each session is one hour and you can rent it for up to 10 people.  


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floating sauna
Good morning! I think we’re in a floating sauna Anjie Blair









Quasar Expeditions, Galapagos



Exploring the Galapagos aboard a Quasar ship is one part marine biology and one part luxury yacht experience, and one part being a Charles Darwin-esque explorer. The cruise mixes scientific explanations on geology, biology and history with actual on-the-ground hikes and excursions on the legendary Galapagos islands. Freshly caught fish and native vegetables were delivered each day for a dining experience that would have made old Charles go wild.


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Quasar Expeditions
Keep your eyes peeled to spot some marine iguanas! Or penguins! Or sea lions! Or a waiter! Photo provided by Wonderlust









Auberge Du Vieux Puits, Fontjoncouse, France



Gilles Goujon runs this three Michelin star restaurant in a tiny village of a little over a hundred residents in the south of France. It is justifiably known for the quality of produce, the focus on seasonality, and the creative dishes served in a venue that mixes rustic and contemporary elements. Floorboards and tables are bare wood. The food is lit up with hidden spotlights whenever a new dish is served to better illuminate their magnificence. The name comes from an old well that is still on the property, and guests are welcome to stay in one of the five bedrooms just a short walk away. 


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Auberge Du Vieux Puits
You might want to skip lunch before your meal here Photo provided by Wonderlust









Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge, Alaska



The Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge just radiates coziness and stillness. On Fox Island, about 12 miles southeast of Seward, surrounded by ocean, the rustic lodge sits in the middle of the cleanest of nature imaginable, with a mesmerizing front seat view of Pedersen Glacier. 

According to their website, cabins “…are not equipped with electrical outlets, televisions, radios or telephones.” They mean it as full disclosure and we see it as a plus! If you wish for introspection, or just some good old fashioned disconnection from the rest of the world and all that frankly drives you crazy, this is a wonderful option. This property, with a wooden main lodge and eight cabins on the water, offers a remote and pristine wilderness once only accessible to the indigenous people. 


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There are plenty activities to keep you entertained while “unplugged” Photo provided by Wonderlust









Rynek Glowny, Main Square, Krakow, Poland



Quickly emerging as one of the new ‘It’ cities in Europe, Krakow has been attracting younger visitors for the last several years. In the city center you’ll find Rynek Glowny, an expansive main square that is in a word — stunning. Bustling both day and night, it is constantly alive. Restaurants, shops and bars coalesce with 13th century architecture to leave you feeling like you’ve truly found something special. Street markets are scattered throughout the square giving you an excellent opportunity to buy local Polish goods or grab some of the best kielbasa you’ve ever had. And we mean EVER! Add a beer for about $1 U.S., and you’re doing pretty well.


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Krakow Poland
These pigeons seem to appreciate stunning medieval architecture Photo provided by Wonderlust




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