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In 2019, 9.4 million people visited Australia. If you’ve never been to “the Land Down Under,” now might be the perfect time to book a trip. Especially given how well they are handling COVID.


There are so many reasons to visit Australia, from the spectacular beaches, the cosmopolitan cities to the Outback and the truly unique wildlife.





See the wildest wildlife


Did you know 80% of Australia’s wildlife exists only in Australia? That’s an astonishing number. So it’s not just the ‘roos and koalas, then. You can’t find some of these creatures anywhere else in the world!


In addition to kangaroos and koalas, there are the Tasmanian devil, kookaburras, echidnas, wombats, sugar gliders, and much more. If you’re into wildlife photography, this alone could be a decisive reason to visit Australia.



Visit Natural Wonders


Our world is full of breathtaking natural wonders, but one you absolutely can’t miss is the Great Barrier Reef , a once in a lifetime opportunity, and worth the journey. It’s the world’s largest coral reef and contains over 3,000 reef systems! Consider going scuba diving, snorkeling, or view it from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat.



The Best Beaches


Some of the best beaches in the world line Australia’s coast. It’s a fair and confident boast. The Australian coastline is over 23,000 miles, so you’re bound to find the perfect beach spot. These are legendary, world renowned beaches. Although, it does also feature two of the world’s worst beaches, as we pointed out here


The country – the only island and single nation that is a continent – is surrounded by three of the five oceans in the world, so you will find all sorts of water types, from tropical to Antarctic, and all kinds of aquatic life.



Vibrant City Life


If you’d rather explore the cities and partake in the local culture, the fantastic and recently exploding food scene and nightlife, go to Sydney. Sydney is full of vibrant nightlife and some world famous restaurants. and plenty of things for you to do and explore.


Be sure to visit the most iconic place in the city, the Sydney Opera House. You can take a guided tour. And of course, if you are so inclined and lucky enough to get a ticket, you can see an opera while you’re there. It’s one of the best venues in the world to enjoy one.


Or go to Melbourne, another extraordinary city. While there, seek out Aaron Turner’s masterful, one of a kind restaurant IGNI.


There are plenty of places to stay in Australia, so you’ll never be short on options for accommodations. For instance, this Searipple Mining Accomodation is an accommodation village.




The Weather


Are you tired of cold, wintery weather? The snow? We are! Oh, God, we are – your humble writer is snowed in as he writes this, and not for the first time this winter. Or this week. So if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to during this mystifyingly, America-wide harsh winter, take a trip to Australia – right now it’s their summer! And even their winters are fine.


Put another way, the weather is reason enough to cross the world!