Make your honeymoon unforgettable. Check out these 4 romantic honeymoon destinations to find the perfect spot today.



Countless couples had to reschedule their weddings in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others made do and celebrated with guests via platforms like Zoom. What all these happy couples have in common is the need for a great honeymoon.


Romantic honeymoon destinations are a huge relief after stressful wedding planning in the best of times. These days, a lovely honeymoon is also the perfect way to get your mind off current events and focus on married bliss.


Take a look at this list of four of the most romantic honeymoon destinations around.



Climb mountains and chill in St. Lucia


Active couples are sure to enjoy all the outdoor opportunities on the island of St. Lucia. Gorgeous beaches at this Caribbean destination contrast with mountains that pierce the clouds. You can get to know each other and bond over a long boat ride, swim, hike, or climb.


When couples’ honeymoons follow soon after the wedding, they’re bound to be exhausted. Staying at a resort on St. Lucia is the right pick if you want to prioritize relaxation without closing off chances to explore.



See blue skies, water and roofs in Santorini


Visit Santorini, Greece if you want to combine an island vacation with a pan-European adventure. This location in the Cyclades Islands is a paradise where honeymooners can marvel at volcanos and ancient history. It’s decorated with classic Cycladic architecture featuring white walls and brilliant blue roofs that match the pristine sea and sky surrounding Santorini.


It’s close to mainland Greece, putting you in proximity to the rest of Europe. It’s a great starting point, final stop, or rest during the middle of a romantic European getaway.



Have a honeymoon for the history books in Florence


If art and old-world charm make you swoon, head to Italy for romance in historical Florence. The city entertains a wide range of interests, including but not limited to art, political history, architecture and city planning, and mercantile history.


Unlike these other destinations, Florence is inland. The ocean enchants plenty of people, but it’s not for everyone. If you’d rather stay surrounded by land, consider traveling here for your honeymoon.



You can afford paradise in Phuket


Phuket, Thailand is the classic image of paradise: white sand separating the turquoise sea from a deep blue sky with white clouds. It’s among the best honeymoon destinations around and an ideal destination for people with all kinds of interests.


Foodies enjoy exploring rich Thai cuisine and nature-lovers have the chance to explore tropical paradise and see jungle wildlife. Spiritual and religious individuals flock to the city’s many Buddhist temples, while folks looking for rejuvenating self-care relax at cushy resorts.

The best part is that Thailand is a less expensive international destination. Low prices allow couples to enjoy all these activities and more, rather than forcing them to pick one or two.

Find More International Marvels Like These Honeymoon Destinations


These choice honeymoon destinations are some of the most romantic places on Earth. Yet, it’s vital to know they’re a tiny sample of the world’s marvels.


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